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It's logical on the surface of things 28 Dez 2022 08:10 #433

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It's logical on the surface of things. The Chargers have been, yet again the absolute worst team, losing three games in a gruelling fashion by blowing fourth-quarter leads. Rivers isn't a part of the problem. He's completed 68 percent of passes. He averages 7.8 yards per attempt with 1.110 yards. He has seven touchdowns and only one interception.

The Chargers signed Rivers to a four-year, contract extension valued at $83 million earlier this year, but the structure of the deal does not make it prohibitive for him to be traded. The cap-to-cap hit won't exceed $22 million until after the final year, so it's easy for a team to get out of the contract after 2018.

However, the Chargers really have a need for every bit of support they can ... something that they're lacking after suffering so much losses recently, the Bosa protest and that thing about alienating fans through the relocation thing.

If they can get rid of Mike McCoy and make the correct moves in the offseason, they could be competitive again sooner than you think. It's a big leap of faith for this team who hasn't been able to do anything particularly impressive, on the field or off.

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